Raklion Event

Map: Raklion
Maximal Users in this Event: 10
Boss Monsters: 3

When the Raklion Hatchery starts, spiders (Coolers) are going to appear.
After killing them, there will appear spider eggs, in low rated servers they grow and grow and get bigger, but we are able to kill them in about 5 seconds.

If you finished killing the eggs, you have 5 minutes time till they Boss Monsters (Selupan) appear.

If you are lucky, the Boss Monsters will drop a excellent item
Jewels are rare too. If you are lucky you might get 1-2 Jewel of Bless/Soul.

After the event you will be moved automatically in front of the Raklion Hatchery Portal.
Raklion Map
1= Raklion Safe Zone
2= ///
3= Raklion Portal
4= ///
5= Raklion Hatchery Event Place/Arena

Raklion Cooler
Raklion Spider Egg
Spider Eggs
Selupan of Raklion


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